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The International Society for Productivity Enhancement (ISPE) was founded in 1984, with the main aim being to accelerate the international exchange of ideas and scientific knowledge with absolutely no barriers of either discipline domain or field of technological application.

ISPE Aims and Objectives

The main aim of ISPE is to foster the cross-fertilization of technology, strategy, organization and resources, in order to enhance productivity, competitive advantage and improve general quality of life. ISPE embraces both the traditional and non-traditional fields of engineering and includes but is not limited to: manufacturing and plant automation; computer technologies; strategic planning; business and control; design and systems engineering; and human factors. In addition, equal emphasis is placed on the cross-fertilization of emerging innovative technologies and their effective utilization of resources.

Enhancement of productivity is not only the responsibility of large engineering organizations but also has to be shared with their partners in the supply chain. This approach is gaining rapid popularity within the emerging Extended Enterprise environment. The key factor for a successful enterprise is effective communication and collaboration both upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Consequently, the key objectives of ISPE are as follows:

a. To develop a community of researchers interested in Productivity Enhancement within the Extended Enterprise.

b. To add value to the members and the community through the organization of International Conferences.

c. To add value to the community through Journal publication and dissemination of research.

d. To promote research collaboration through Special Virtual Interest Groups.

e. To maintain a Web resource for researchers and practitioners on areas of Productivity Enhancement research and application.