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The first conference involvement of ISPE began in 1984 with the CAD/CAM, ROBOTICS & FACTORIES OF FUTURE Conference (CARS'&FOF) held in Charlotte, USA. In meeting an identified need of the researchers associated with those conferences, a second annual series of international conferences, Concurrent Engineering - Research and Applications (CE) was started by ISPE in 1994. In 2004 the 11th CE conference has been held in Beijing, China, 26-30 July. The location of CE conferences is different every year and rotates between Asia, Europe and the USA. These conferences have been a major forum for the international scientific exchange of various multidisciplinary aspects of Concurrent Engineering for Productivity Enhancement.

Next CE Conference:

CE2005 Texas, USA: General Chair: Professor Michael Sobolewski

Future CE Conferences:

CE2006: France (General Chair: Professor Parisa Ghodous )

CE2007: Brazil (General Chair: Professor Geilson Loureiro )

CE organization adheres to ISPE Rules . If you are interested in organizing future conferences, please contact:

Professor Parisa Ghodous

VP – Conference, ISPE

LIGIM, University of Lyon I,

Bat 710, 43, Bd. du 11 Nov. 1918,

69622, Villeurbanne cedex


Email: [email protected]

Past CE Conferences:

CE2004: 26th – 30th July 2004, Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China

CE2003: 26th – 30th July 2003, Carlton Madeira Hotel, Madeira Island, Portugal

CE2002 : 27th - 31st J uly 2002 , Cranfield University, United Kingdom

28-1st August 2001, West Coast Anaheim Hotel, CA, USA

CE 20 00 : 17-20 July 2000, University of Lyon, Lyon, France

CE 19 99 : 1-3 September 1999, University of Bath, Bath, United Kingdom

CE 19 98 : 15-17 July 1998, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan

CE 19 97 : 20-22 August 1997, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA

CE 19 96 : 26-28 August 1996, University of Toronto, Canada

CE 19 95 : 23-25 August 1995 , Hilton Hotel, McLeans , VA / Washington DC USA

CE 19 94 : 29-31 August 1994, Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA, USA