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Sponsored Conferences

List of ISPE Sponsored Conferences

ISPE is pleased to consider the Technical Sponsorship of International Conferences and Workshops that contribute to Productivity Enhancement.

Benefits of the Sponsorship:

1. ISPE will publicize the Call for Papers of Sponsored Conferences and Workshops.

2. ISPE will circulate the Call for Papers within the membership.

3. ISPE will add reference on the conference Website under the ‘Sponsored Conference’ link.

4. ISPE can provide advice and technical support for the Conference organization.

5. Use of the ISPE Logo on the Sponsor page and also on other marketing material.

Who can apply?

1. International Conferences and Workshops related to Productivity Enhancement areas of research.

2. Conferences and Workshops having significant International membership within the Programme Committee.

Responsibilities of ISPE Sponsored Conferences:

1. Endeavour to achieve the highest quality in research paper publication and presentation.

2. Publish a printed version of the Conference Proceedings. One copy should be donated to ISPE, and sent to VP – Conference, ISPE

3. Publicise ISPE Technical Sponsorship on the conference website and in all publicity material.

4. Add an ISPE Banner on the conference or workshop website (no fee).

5. Develop a truly International Programme Committee.

6. Have a transparent paper review process.

7. Produce a financial statement of income and expenditure within 3 months of the conference.

If you are interested to apply for ISPE Technical Sponsorship, please provide the following information to VP – Conference, ISPE

Name of the Conference:




Name of the General Chair:

Previous relevant experience of the General Chair:

Name of the Programme Chair:

Previous relevant experience of the Programme Chair:

List of members of the Programme Committee with their Country information:

Scope of the Conference/Workshop:

Expected size of the conference/workshop:

Organising body:

Any other Sponsors:


Full contact Details: