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ISPE and ISPE Foundation Membership

Registered attendees of the CE series of conferences are offered membership of ISPE and ISPE Foundation as part of their registration fee. Any other person intending to be a member of ISPE is required to complete the following application form and send it to the ISPE/ISPE Foundation Treasurer:

ISPE/ISPE Membership Application form

Benefits of the Membership:

1. Active participation in a research community.

2. Preferential registration fee for ISPE Conferences.

3. Access to the Virtual Special Interest Groups.

4. Opportunity to market research related activities.

5. Taking part in the ISPE and ISPE Foundation organization.

6. Networking and collaboration.

Any Enquiries related to the Membership, should be sent to:

Ricardo Gonçalves
Dep. Eng. Electrotécnica e Computadores, Fac. de Ciências e Tecnologia, Univ. Nova de Lisboa
UNINOVA - CRI, Quinta da Torre
P2829-516 Caparica

Email: mailto:[email protected] v a.pt